Welcome. I'm Toni. I'm a Spiritual & Life Coach. I help Women remember their Voice.

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Your Voice. Your verbal expression, remembering your Truth.

Your Voice. Your physical expression, remembering your Freedom.

Your voice. Your mental expression, remembering your Dreams.

Your Voice. Your whole-being expression, remembering your Sovereignty.

About me

Through Perspectively Speaking, LLC, I support women who are remembering their Voice through conversation, group coaching, and other services

As the Chief Collaboration Officer with Laughing Goddess Media, I support Creatives sharing their medicine with those who need to experience it - through 13Moons:Stories & Art, workshops & events, and Advice

As a Pinterest Manager, I support Women who own small businesses find their voice online and on Pinterest. 

In addition to being a Life Coach and an Entrepreneur, I am a Mother, a Writer, and a Voice Actor. I am a student of the Esoteric, a believer in Magick, and a collector of Wisdom. 

No matter how we work together, my support is given with the intention of helping you remember your Voice and helping your Voice be heard. 


My Services.

Payments accepted through Venmo, Cashapp or PayPal​

One on one.

Life coaching sessions last about an hour and can be scheduled weekly or biweekly. We can chat over the phone, with or without video. I might pull some Tarot for insight, review your Human Design, or look at current Astrology for guidance. Or, we might just talk. Together we will create a plan to help you step into the truest version of yourself.

  •  $133/mo includes 3 x 60-min sessions, and unlimited Voxer & email support

  • Click HERE to email with questions or to book a service


A Tarot or Intuitive reading is for you if you desire unity within yourself, your relationships, and the Universe around you. It is for those who wish to explore and develop a keener understanding of  Self, as well as those who seek to commune with Spirit & The Divine.

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"You are the magic walking middle-earth. And you don't have to give a damn about fitting in anymore."

Tanya Markul, The She Book