I'm Toni. 
This is my poem.
This is also my "about me."

To the Woman

To the Woman

who lost herself in a man or a woman and said yes to things they didn’t mean out of comfort or fear of not meeting someone else’s expectations, even when it hurt or felt wrong, or crossed boundaries that made her question her worth. 


To the Woman

who never knew a father’s role or purpose as a child so seeking paternal approval and affection in teachers, lovers, and father’s of friends became all she knew, blurred and never fully realized.


To the Woman

who lost a child by choice because there didn’t seem to be any other option that would allow her to continue carrying the façade of perfection, and a fall from grace in the judgmental eyes upon her was just not in her teenage plans.


To the Woman 

who lost a child by nature because “it just wasn’t meant to be” and to that same Woman who questioned if the lost was karma’s sting due to previous pro-choice choices or even a manifestation of a relationship fallen far from and out of love.


To the taken Woman

who lost her way and found herself in bed with another in search of finding some sense of control. Somewhere, anywhere in the mess that somehow became her life.


To the Woman 

who was thankful for having two years of makeup artistry experience so she could cover her own black-eye for two weeks after a night escalated to new lows of disrespect and sorrow.


To that same Woman who

was thankful to have survived that night with only a black-eye.


To the Woman

who walked away from a promise of through thick and thin, and ‘til death do them part because she knew that death was not an impossible ending to her toxic fairytale.


To the Woman 

who always found a way and figured it out and often surprised herself of her own strength, no matter how exhausting it was to keep going or how hopeless it felt, alone in the dark.


To the Mother

who sometimes just wants to be left alone, in the dark. 

To the Woman 

who learned to turn her experiences into wisdom, to uplift her past self with brighter times ahead, and remind her future self of how far she’s come. 


To the Woman

here to support other women still finding the strength to find themselves…to free themselves…to be brave, to leave, to choose, to be seen, to stand up in their truth and face their demons with the wisdom and faith that only self-love can teach…


To you, Woman – I see you. I am you. I love you. 

To The Woman - Audio

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