Intuitive Automatic Writing Session with Tarot Support 

Automatic writing is a form of channeling, where I allow a higher power to create or guide the words that I write. It is a psychic gift. It involves allowing Spirit/God/ Universe to flow through me. I have found a way to combine my gifts of Words + Healing + Intuition to offer Intuitive Automatic Writing services as a form of Divination for you. 

 The process: via the free Voxer app, you will record your question and provide some insight on what's going on. I tend to channel better while listening to the querent speak. I also play the recording several times during the session, so the written response may not be linear. I will provide you with the written response and the supported tarot reading with pictures. 

This session will include 48 hours of follow up questions (because sometimes we need to let information process while we sleep). This means that after I send you the reading, you can ask follow up questions for deeper insight surrounding any part of the reading. I might respond with more channeled writing, tarot, or perspective coaching. This is also good for you if you just need someone to hold non-judgment space for you. 

$99 for the complete session

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