Dear Sistar
a Divinely Guided Advice Column

Are you seeking advice? Insight behind a situation or your current energy? Maybe you just want help shifting your perspective so you can see something in a brighter light.

 I am now offering divinely guided advice through my

DearSistar advice column.

 Through the process of automatic writing, I offer perspective and intuitive advice to help empower you through challenging moments.

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Image by Kristopher Roller

When you feel defeated and deprived.

When you forget who you are.

When you have to break open.

Tell yourself what you need.

And how you want to be supported.

Stop trying.

Stop forcing.


Then shed all that you'll never be.

And hold on to all that you are.

Let it feel like the tension of an overcast sky.

Wait for the first drop of release. Then gather the truest parts back into your body.

And as if the high priestess herself 

blessed the clouds directly overhead, let

yourself be cleansed, blessed, and reborn.

~Tanya Markul, "The She Book"