Free Yourself

Toni Moné
Certified Spiritual & Life Coach

Self-Empowered Perspective-Shift Mentor

& Personal Activator




I support women who feel lost awaken to the possibility of a life that actually supports them and their truths... 

so they can finally experience Peace & Freedom.


Stop living as an outdated version of yourself.
Start living your Truth.
Free yourself. 

This doesn't have to be it... the life you're living now.

You don't have to settle. It can be different. You can be and have more!

Your life can actually support you and your personal version of what it means to be Free.

You can become the most expressed version of yourself and feel validated by simply being yourself.

You can have support, like your own personal cheerleader, right by your side - holding the mirror up so you can see yourself the way the world really sees you - as the wise, capable, and incredible Woman that you are!

You can be free. 

Everything is a choice.

The poem I shared - To The Woman, is a very vulnerable piece and spoke of a lot of my uncomfortable truths. 

I shared that poem because I am you. I've had experiences that were shameful, embarrassing, painful, heart-breaking... experiences that lead to depression and Xanax, reckless decisions, and made me question my worth. Experiences that broke personal boundaries; experiences that broke my heart. I could have easily found comfort as a victim... and sometimes did.


Sometimes, I chose to pretend that everything was fine. I told that to my family all of the time. (Pss... they didn't believe me). I even tried to convince myself that I could be okay with my life, that I could settle and just be happy. (Confession: I dissociated for so long because even I couldn't believe that lie!) When I looked into the mirror, the Self I once knew was so lost... and I didn't know where or how to find her.


From an empty cup, I poured into everyone else's... I operated in an energy that could only lead to burnout. I actually decided that it wasn't even worth it to try to show up to my own life. (Ouch!)


I shrank myself to fit into the boxes I built for myself in order to please the people around me. I BUILT THOSE BOXES - no one else! But, can you see the power in admitting the role you play in your life and by being vulnerable?  If I built the boxes to please others, then I COULD BREAK THE BOXES TO PLEASE MYSELF!

And I did. I am. 

I chose to share that poem with you to show you that being vulnerable does not make you weak, but on the contrary - it makes you STRONGER. It activates you to listen to something deeper within yourself that remembers you DESERVE something better and that you are WORTHY enough to have it. I shared it to show you that sometimes, we need to push pass the fear of being judged for our experiences, or for who we are and what we've done, so that we can show up as our realest selves, because that's how we truly become Free. That's where we can experience peace, satisfaction, success, surprise... and gratitude! 

I shared it because you are not alone.

1:1 Personal Coaching with Toni 

Feel seen. Feel heard. Feel validated. Feel supported. 

Conversations Between Sistars

There's such power in telling your story. There's such power in hearing stories like yours so that you know you are not alone. There's power in connecting with a group of likeminded, powerful Women. 

Support Between Coaching Sessions

Ongoing communication between sessions via email, text, and voice messaging.

Online Events with my Friends

We host various online events in my Facebook group called, The Calabash Community which is a virtual gathering place for Creatives & Medicine People. Receive access and special rates as my client. 

Everyday, I choose to live as the best version of myself...

I choose to lean into the things that light me up, the things that bring me joy!

I choose to say YES to the things that are in alignment to who I want to be and where I am going, and say, NO to the things that don't!

I choose to let go of the stories that support any limiting beliefs, to let go of any negative self, and to let go of the people who want to hold on to an older version of me. 

I choose to silence the mental chatter that keeps me confused and from being present. 

I choose to be the victor instead of the victim and remember that the past does not define me or determine what I am worthy of. I chose to be the alchemist and turn trauma into wisdom. 

I choose to believe that I am fully capable of creating a life that supports me as my highest that will allow me to thrive because of my truths. 

I choose to show myself grace when I fumble. 

I choose to be free.

I choose me. 



You have a choice too.

The journey to becoming free & reclaiming yourSelf is not fast & pretty.

It's actually messy & heavy. And it's very beautiful & healing.

But, you don't have to do this alone.

How can I support you?


I'd love to connect with you.

Thanks for connecting with me!

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